Spirit was Talking…

There are somethings that cannot be answered in the material world and you must take it to the Spirit Realm.

My client was aware of this and allowed me to assist him with a Bundle Package: a Reading and one specific Spell made uniquely for his situation (cost $150). CLIENT REVIEW: “Once again I received another reading that has brought clarity and direction for my life. One thing I have to point out is how responsible LaSonya is when communicating spiritual guidance. She NEVER tells me what I want to hear, ONLY what I NEED to hear for my highest good. From warnings to careful considerations before proceeding, etc, she lays it all out which is vital not only for my protection but others connected to my life or the overall situation, including those working against me because her advice and work is never intended for harm of others in any form or fashion. That alone speaks volumes! Again I emphasize, it’s clear she is responsible with her gift and takes this serious. I have had readings in the past that left me questioning if I was only being told what I wanted since there was and exchange of money for services rendered. Not the case with her. She lets you know what’s what to ensure you can make an informed decision with no fluff. Thank you so much LaSonya. I am forever grateful my spirit team guided me to your channel.
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If you would like this ($150) package email for inquires.

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