Unlocked Realm: The Field of Creation (Paperback)

The Unlocked Realm ($15.99) book is a road map to living a powerful, informed, spiritual life. Within its pages, you will find many spiritual gems I have gathered over the years. Some of the things I have discovered, I have chosen to add to my spiritual lifestyle. While writing this book, it became clear to me that my Spirit Team was the motivational force behind each word. To them, I give the credit for this small but incredible piece.

Included Topics:

  • Imagination
  • Consciousness
  • DNA
  • Crystals
  • Light
  • Eyes
  • Dimensions
  • Atoms
  • Past Lives
  • Ancestors
  • Awakening
  • Manifestation

Power of Words: Turn Your Words into Magic (Paperback)

The 200 page ($15.99) Power of Words journal is an amazingly simple, yet affective book that allows you to harness your inner power. It is filled with intention to create the desired outcome you wish to possess. The journal consists of two worksheets with multiply pages of one single exercise. It allows you to write down all the things you wish to dissolve out of your life. But it also gives you the opportunity to draw all the things you wish to manifest. While doing these exercises you are creating and building your intention through your words. One of the main keys to manifesting is intention. Click below to purchase.

Tarot & Oracle: Keeper Journal for Messages (Paperback)

The 200 page ($15.99) Tarot & Oracle Keeper Journal will allow you to remember the messages you receive from your Higher Self, Guides, Ancestors and more. There are sections within the journal that will give you an opportunity to write down your internal message. A simple, yet effective way to determine what message Spirit has for you.

SYNCHRONICITY TRACKER: Follow Your Intuition (Paperback)

This 200 page ($17.77) workbook gives you the ability to track your everyday synchronicities that appear as simple occurrences. Now you will be able to identify when your Ancestors, Deities, Gods, or Goddesses would like to communicate. Many of the small things you come across in your daily life, are sent to you from your Spiritual Team. With this book, you will be able to respond to them in a timely manner and receive a response quicker than usual. Your Spiritual Team will see that you have received their messages and will begin to send you more of them often. Begin right now to start a full open line of communication through your Synchronicities. Click below to purchase.

ANXIETY: Confront It. Face It. Expose It. (Paperback)

The 200 page ($15.99) workbook can be used as an everyday journal. The workbook and journal consist of one worksheet with multiply pages of one single exercise. It also includes motivational quotes, that can be used as inspiration for everyone. This workbook and journal is a tool you can use to fight against the everyday struggles of anxiety and stress. It has a simple strategy; you can use when anxiety feels unbearable. This workbook and journal move the thoughts out of your mind, and onto the pages. It releases your thoughts and shows you the truth of the matter. Anxiety likes to hide in the shadows of our mind and does not like to be seen or acknowledged. The best way to fight against anxiety is to, Confront it, Face It, and Expose it. Click below to purchase.