Finding My African Tribe

Growing up was interesting, to say the least. As a small child, I listened and observed those around me. Some of the jokes that was thrown at me at six and seven years old was funny to others in my family, but never to me. They would always remind me of how big my forehead was (no one in my current family line shared that same genetic trait) They reminded me so often, that as a teen I began to gain a complex. Even my mother, bless her heart, would say “You look so pretty with bangs.” (meaning hair in front of my forehead) But it’s funny how things emerge and change in your life. I didn’t even notice that I completely dropped that complex, and now for several years, I have been wearing my forehead proudly. Lately my Ancestors have been taking me on a place of discovery. Although for years I have been aware that I am 85% African (I even know the region and areas) but I never dived in deeper, to discover what some of the people looked like. But today my intuition had me curious and what I discovered put a smile on my face. I discovered that the people of the “Mangbetu” tribe have the same type of forehead as me and even my big beautiful brown eyes. So when my family use to make jokes, I should have smiled, because it was a clue from my Ancestors of WHO I AM.

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