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  • LaSonya L’s Research Is Pivetol and Essential To Bonding The Connection To Our Ancestral Lineage. If You Want To Know Who You Descend From, and Where and When With Documentation. Her Services Is A Very Practical Approach To Take iN These Regards. The Foundation Of Our Reality Begins With Those We Descend From. I Highly Recommend Her Services To All Who’d Like To Truly KNOW Exactly Who Their Relatives Are. Well Worth The Price of Admission I’ll Consistently Insist On All My Clients To Use Her Services.

    Ali Z. Green

  • Thank you so much. This is incredible! I have gone through the files and am thoroughly impressed. Can’t wait to share with my family!!
    Thank you again!

    Celebrity- Adrienne C. Moore (Orange Is the New Black)

  • LaSonya has reduced me to tears with what she has been able to discover and share with me and my parents. She is not just a professional, she respects the information and receives and tell the story of your ancestry with honor and care.
    This wasn’t a waste of money. It was not impersonal or uncomfortable. it was an honorable le experience shared with a sister who came into my village to help and heal, to give me my ancestry so I could grow and connect in ways I never have been able to.

    Tracy Givens