Top notch experience. Please give her a try. You will not be disappointed.
LaSonya is great. You will enjoy the information she presents to you and the format that the content is given to you. Many Blessings LaSonya. Thanks so very much.

W Nekole Ross

Had an Excellent Experience. Lasonya was Prompt, Efficient and Professional with her Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.

Karen Pace

LaSonya was great! I was very impressed with her speed and promptness, as well as the thoroughness. I plan you utilizing her services again soon!

Devin Smith

Ms.LaSonya helped me find information about my greet grand parents that I did not know. She handled everything with respect and professionalism. Thank you once again dear! Her price is reasonable. I reccomend her because she is willing to do the work as opposed to pay company and they cannot talk back to you if you have a question.

Jei Lowe

If you are African American stop what you’re doing right now a contact LaSonya! I have been looking for information on my ancestors for years and found her on Instagram. I sent her an email at 4:00pm and by 9:00 pm I had information on my family. She is quick and did not stop until the trail ran cold! This brought pride in my family to know something about our past relatives. Thank you so much for being the professional link we needed!

Leslie Parker

I highly recommend LaSonya for researching your lineage. She is through and diligent with her work. She was able to help me with names and pertinent info on my maternal and paternal lineage. I love that she provides documentation (receipts)
My family couldn’t provide all the information she dug up, and I’m eternally grateful. I can now find burial plots, and have more information about illnesses and diseases in my family heritage which was the most important to me. So happy I went ahead and did both sides. Worth every penny 
Thank you LaSonya

Karo Robinson

I took this journey along with her and she was able to locate all of my Paternal and Maternal Ancestors. Tracing your roots and getting accurate information is sometimes hard outside of actual stories that have been handed down to you within your family. LaSonya L made finding mine easy and I tell you, this was one of the best experiences that ever happened to me. I trust her, will always consult with her, recommend and refer people to her, and I urge you to give LaSonya L a try too. You will not be disappointed!

Renee Rich

I am in AWE at this beautiful soul!! She is very prompt! She brought me so much information and I’m super happy with what she finds! She has done both my maternal and paternal side! She has a great turn around! She gave me so much joy with the information because she brought people information I didn’t know!!! Please use her services!!! I’ve already sent people to her!!!!

Kellyndah Browne

I am truly grateful for the work of LaSonya L Ancestor Research. When I first contacted her, I was not sure if she would be able to help me because I had very little information to give her. She responded immediately, and before 24 hours, it was done. It was super quick, and she delivered so much more than I expected. She delivers just like she promises, and her prices are affordable to everyone;and honestly worth mu;ch more. I would definitely recommend her, and I will be utilizing her services again very soon for the other side of my family. She delivers the finished product in a neatly organized packet, and she does it all with no stress, strain, or struggle. If you have been wanting to learn more about your family history, I suggest you give it try. I don’t think you will be disappointed. It is a priceless gift to any family, and having these documents she supplied gave me a sense of empowerment that I did not have before. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

CJ Henry

I’m so extremely thankful to LaSonya! She is kind, patient, professional, receiving, giving, and most of all true to her mission! She gave me more information than I was told in 25 years of knowing my father and family! I now know names and dates of not only my grandfather, but his parents, his siblings, and it even told me the names of my great great parents and children! She’s a God send! After all that, I’ve asked her to assist in searching my husband’s family! I 100% recommend her services! Try her, you won’t regret it! Oh, did I tell you she found pictures too! Whew! Thanks LaSonya!

Kim Mcneal